Migrating to SSD

Just bought a kingston sata 3 SSD.

I want my OS and a selected few programs on my SSD and keep things that don't need a boost like all my steam games and SWTOR. I am willing to reinstall all my programs that will be on my new SSD but i really don't want to re-download all my huge games just to put them back on my HDD. SOooo is there a way to do all of this?

(am i even able to have programs installed on separate drives?)
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  1. some games dont need to be re-installed to work as long as you have the original folder that the game was installed (eg. WoW, LoL, SC2) just find the folder on the HDD and run the game or if u have a large SSD r want to have faster loading then just copy the folder over to the SSD. for programs i think most of them u have to reinstall but some might work as stated above.

    i just what kensingtron mention. made a new folder called "program file for SSD" on my old HDD and install most of my program and games/download/data there
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