Mobo and hard drive shipping, use fedex or ups?

I am ordering a couple of motherboards and hard drives and am trying to figure out the safest way to ship the products. I have heard rumors that fedex is safer because ups claims that packages will possibly drop up to 6ft. The fedex cost will be about 40 dollars more, anyone have past experience on which to use? thanks!
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  1. I've never had any issues with UPS ground track. If it helps you sleep at night and you don't mind dropping 40 bucks go for it though.

    My line of thought is this, if by chance something gets damaged... well that's what RMA is for.
  2. There's two FedEx's ..... FedEx the one we've known for many many years and the newer FedEx ground which was bought from RPS or something similar. Avoid FedEx ground at all costs. UPS is great. FedEx 1-2 day is OK.
  3. its from newegg, they have fedex 3 day and ups 3 day and for some reason fedex is around $30 more
  4. If it is packaged appropriately, it don't really matter.
    Fed ex ground has the "It might get there in 1-3 days". You can always track it though and get the exact time it will arrive.
    UPS is more consistent with the "If you ship from point A to point B, it will take exactly 2 days"
    I would say just go with what you want to pay for, or not pay for, what ever the case may be.

    I will tell you personally as someone who works for a company that ships hundreds, and some days even thousands of packages, we loath Fed Ex.
    UPS for domestic and Canada just way out services Fed Ex, it is a simple matter of missing, destroyed and late delivery. UPS wins this war hands down.
    UPS picks up later in the day, which is uber important for a business that ships the number of time sensitive packages we do.
    Fed Ex is a little better for overseas.
    But this is just my opinion for business purposes. For home delivery, it's probably a toss up.
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