Syste folders take long time to open

hi i am using windows xp.Recently i had problem with my system, it get stuck suddenly and resumes later. i found that there was a virus in system. so i formatted my C drive and thankfully virus was removed (i believe beacuse earlier whenever system get stuck it showed a message C:WINDOWS/fonts/explorer.exe but now it doesnt) so i think virus is gone . but the problem still remains. whenever i try to open a drive be it C,D,E, OR F it sill get stuck and take long time to get normal.but there is no problem with my browser as long as i don't open my system folders. once i do that even browser start getting stuck . I AM FACING THIS PROBLEM SINCE MANY DAYS SO KINDLY ANY ONE HELP ME GET RID OF THIS

thanks in advance
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  1. You reinstalled windows, so it's probably not the harddrive...

    The browser runs fine, so it's probably not memory...

    Did you reinstall your mother board drivers? This would only be an issue if you have a custom PC or installed windows from a plain windows xp install disk. Pre-built systems always include these drivers in the install on their recovery disk.

    You don't have a disk in any of the CD drives, or a external USB storage device plugged in do you? One of these could not be reading right and causing the lag when you open up My Computer.
  2. hey scaye thanks for the reply. i am pleased to see that to took an effort to answer my problem.Thankfully the problem got resolved when i uninstalled anti virus software in my computer. i think the problem was with anti virus software.But still i have made a note of the points u have made.

    thanks :)
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