ATI 5970... Which brand is best?

I don't even know if there is a fundamental difference in what brand creates the 5970. some people say saphire is the best while others say xfx is best. Either which way i have to choose between a saphire or a asus 5970 card. But i don't know how to differentiate between the two because up until now i only used them not selected which one.
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  1. The brand that is cheapest and with the best warranty!
  2. i looked and look and asus was the one with the longest warranty (3 years)
    i wish i could find a xfx on but thats pretty hard.

    In stock now better be quick. At the point they are all reference cards.
  4. ASUS or Sapphire!
  5. Currently just about all of them are made exactly the same with the same PCB design and cooling. I believe that only the Sapphire Vapor-X model has after market cooling and it also has slightly raised clock speeds. Other than that, the only difference between them is the bundle and warranty. Well I suppose there is the box art too ^_^.
  6. ASUS is garbage for videocards, go with Sapphire, hands down!
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