G.Skill Ares CL 9->8, worth $11??

Hi, I am building my first desktop and don't really get how much Cas latency matters in term of performance. My new desktop will be a dedicated gaming desktop for playing BF3, these Rams will be seated on a ASRock Extreme 4 Mobo:
I am considering these 2 Rams from G.Skill Ares series:|20-231-544^20-231-544-TS%2C20-231-548^20-231-548-TS

Basically(all 2X4G packs):
CL 9 DDR3 1600 -> 43.99
CL 8 DDR3 1600 -> 54.99

Is the CL benefit big enough to justify $11 or should I go with CL9 and save the money(I have pushed pretty close to my budget atm so any breathing space for modifications elsewhere would be useful)?

p.s If there is any other Ram you want to recommend for me feel free to do so, I need low profile ram though since I am using an aftermarket CPU cooler.
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    Spend those $11 on a couple of drinks. The speed difference will not be noticeable in real live applications. Maybe on benchmarks but even there it will be minimal at best
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