Hard Drive Disappear from bios

Hello To All,

I've Compaq Desktop Computer Model= Compaq EVO D500
it has windows xp installed with service pack 3. problem is that sometime sytem works fine but sometime all of sudden it get hang and hard drive and cd-rom disappear from bios. even bios does not reset only hard drive and cd-rom skip from it. then I keep the system turn off for some time then turn on and it detect hard drive again and works fine. please help me to resolve this problem.
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  1. Hello and welcome to the forums
    Check the cable connections, and make sure they are plugged in properly, if it didn't help,try using different cables.
  2. Thanks Maziar! I've checked the cable and connections all are plugged properly. I've also checked it by replacing cables. Though I am not expert of computer, is there any possibility with bios which does not retain hard disk and cd-rom entries in bios.may be its need to be updated in current version. but I don't know how to do it if this is the case.please help me out!
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    Well updating the BIOS may help,you have to check the support page of your product(since its pre-built) and find the latest BIOS for it.
  4. hmmm I think so, anyway thanks again Maziar
  5. No prob,let us know how it goes
  6. I've taken my system to computer shop. lets see what they diagnose....!
  7. Any resolution to your HDD issue? I'm haveing the same problem.;
  8. nope! I just bought the new Mother Board of same model (Evo D500), now its working fine.
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