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Blu Ray Ripping Machine

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January 10, 2010 8:02:50 PM

Hi, new to the forum, pointed here by a friend. I am looking to build basically a blu ray ripping pc, that also doubles as a server. I do most of my computing with a Mac, but because of there lack of blu ray support I have decided to build a desktop pc and/or server that will essentially be used to rip and stream mkv encoded blu ray rips to a set top box (probably the boxee box once released).

My questions stem from finding the most efficient hardware to rip and stream media for the windows pc to the set top box. The first pice of hardware I am focused on is the processor. I have decided to go with intel because of there wide variety of processors. I am looking at using either a core i5 or core i7. I understand that the encoding process takes a considerable amount of time so my question lies with the fact that would a core i7 be overkill versus a core i5, would it be wise to have a quad core, or could I get away with a dual core. I also have been reading up on the new line of intel processors released at CES 2010 and would maybe a core i3 suffice. Another consideration may be to go with an older core 2 quad if I could get one for a steal. Lastly, I have been reading up on video card video encoding and is maybe that the direction I want to head in.

My other dilemma is which operating system should I go with. I am intrigued with Windows Home server, because of its backup capabilities, With both my window machines and macs. But I am also unsure about the ability of the os to rip and encode movies. The only piece of software I am dead set on using is AnyDvd Hd for ripping the movies but am flexible on the encoding software. I had been using handbrake for all my dvds because I was able to use it on my MacBook Pro, since at the time it has the most processing power.

Any help or opinion with accomplishing my goal would be helpful. Also if you have another set up that you think may work better I am all ears.

Thank You

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Best solution

January 10, 2010 8:19:32 PM

One of the major advantages the 1366 chipset holds over the 1156 is encoding/decoding. It's the one spot where triple channel memory really shines. Not to mention you'll lose HT by going with an i5 750.

Look into an i7-920

The i3's have pretty much killed the c2d. The least expensive i3 will out perform the e8600. With that being said you really want to stick with quadcore with HT. There's no such thing as overkill, you're talking about apps that were meant for multi-core solutions.
January 20, 2010 12:14:16 AM

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