Laptop graphics card: GeForce GTX 260M vs Mobility Radeon HD 4650

Laptop graphics card: GeForce GTX 260M vs Mobility Radeon HD 4650?

I know the 260M is the better card, but for laptop gaming, how much better is it? What are the best laptop graphics cards that fall into the same basic price range as the 260M?

I've got $1000 to spend on a gaming laptop that needs to last a few years, and I don't want to blow it!
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  1. the 260m is the most powerful laptop card at the moment. Hd4650 would be minimal laptop gaming card.
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    GTX 280M and HD 4870 mobility are currently the fastest mobile cards.
    GTX 280M performs like a desktop 9800GTX whereas GTX 260M performs like a desktop 9800GT,so they are not like their desktop brothers.
    Anyways between GTX 260M and Mobility HD 4650,GTX 260M performs way better and is worth the extra money
  3. 5870 mobility which is yet to come for 1500 dollars will wipe the floor of the current mobility cards.

    According to 4870 mobility performing around a normal 4850 and the GTX280m performing at 9800GTX.

    we can conclude 5870 mobility not performing under 4890 and probably a little less than the 5850.
  4. It seems HD 5870 mobility performs like a desktop HD 5750:
    I hope its not true though
  5. Yup, like Maziar said the M260 preforms like the 9800GT, and that's because it's a G92b chip. Despite it's naming it's not nearly as fast as a desktop GTX260, but it's still a good bit faster than the mobility 4650.
  6. Thanks guys, you were all a huge help!
    I love Tom's Graphics card rankings, but when looking for laptop cards only it was hard for me to follow. I hope they add a laptop or mobility catagory in the future.
    Thanks again!
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