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Hello guys.. I had previously posted a question on a good card and case for gaming and i have decided to buy the 5850 and the nzxt m59 case.. I have also decided to buy cooler master 550 extreme power psu.. As i am really running short on money i need a good motherboard to oc my q6600 go to atleast 3.0. My current mobo has no overclocking options whatsoever but i have done oc before on my friends comp.. Please help me select a good mobo... My budget is around 90 $ max
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  1. If you're using DDR2, go here:


    OCing largely depends on your CPU and your cooling. Make sure you have adequate cooling before you OC.
  2. ASRock P45XE

    Thats a cheap modern board with good overclock features for 775 processors and DDR2
  3. thanks guys for the replies. will surely check em out
  4. Get one from Asus or gigabyte,Their mobo's are stable,solid and perform well!
  5. One more thing....

    Don't get a Cooler master Extreme power series PSU.
    They aren't very good quality units.

    just get yourself a Corsair 550VX or if budget doesn't allow that then get a 450VX.
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