CPU or Graphics???

To begin I don't want opinions on what I am doing with these devices.
Now I want to multi-box(running multiple instances of) some WoW, but before I attempt to I should upgrade some parts; I currently have in my system:

Amd Athlon x2 2.8 GHz
OCZ Reaper ddr2 800mhz
ATI 3450 - low graphics was on super low budget when I bought it 2 years ago.
Windows 7 pro 64-bit
any other information negligible.

I'm ONLY UPGRADING ONE. would like to keep under $150
I want to either upgrade my graphics to:
ATI products:
4850- $100-120


Phenom II x4 940 - $130

I would Love to here some good opinions not just because, I would like some detailed reasons why?

I'm mostly point towards the graphics, but I am not sure if I should go with some more graphics because WoW is not gpu intensive.
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  1. Ok like I said other information is not needed because I can do everything else, my motherboard supports everything and power supply is large enough. I just want an opinion on which would most likely be better for multiboxing 5 instances of WoW, a new cpu or graphics, I'll take the cut on which ever and upgrade the next later.
  2. I think you'd get the best gain by upgrading your graphics. Out of the 3 cards, I believe the 5750 performs best.

    I'm not sure how much "detailed" reasoning you want. Either upgrade would probably help, but looking at your system, that graphics card is your weakest link. I think you'd see the most improvement with the GPU upgrade.
  3. Thanks
  4. I know going with the best out there is a great idea, but is it possible to go with a lower budget, I have read some reviews over the 4850 vs 5750 and 4850 performs better with the games, but I was wanting to be future proof, but eh.
    Opinions on whether it should be the 4850 or 5750 for this multibox setup.

    Thanks for replys so far.
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    Well, it's a tough call. They perform similarly. Depends on the game. You probably won't see much difference between a 4850 or a 5750. The 5750 is good because it has future-proofing (DX11), while the 4850 is end of the line. But, the 4850 is a good card for the money.

    I'd skip the 5670 totally. Go either 4850 or 5750. If you can squeeze out a few more bucks, the 5770 is the way to go.

    But, if saved $$ is tops for you, go with the 4850.
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  7. I will be going with the 5750 most likely thinks guyz
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