* Reboot and freeze problem

Hello,when i'am working (listening music,watching a video or anything else) in my computer, sometimes out of nowhere the PC reboot itself or freeze.

thanks for your time and attention....!!

The PC is brand new, i don't install any new hardware. the only thing i installed is software, those are:

-Windows 7
-The Kmplayer
-Kligth codec 510
-Aimp 2.6
-Batman Arkahm Assylum (cracked)
-Modern War Face 2 (cracked)

When i'm doing anything (listenig music, watching video, etc...) the PC reboots or freeze. when i'm playing Batman it never had happened but with Modern War Face 2 almost always and only between missions, during the play never.

This is my PC:

CPU - Core i5 750 2.66
Board - Asus P7H55-M Pro

2*RAM - DDR3 PC10666 1333MHz Kingstone 2GB (KVR1333D3N9) = 4GB total

Cooler- Glacial TecIgloo 1100cu silenti3&i5/1156

Video - Gygabyte ATI HD-5770 1GB

PSU - YeonYang YY5704PS550Watts

2*HDD-Samsung HD502HJ Sata 500GB = 1TB total

SO - Windows 7

case - Mid Tower With 2 Fans
and 2 Frontal USB

optical- DVD Writer Optiarc Sata

Sound - Creative X-Fi xtreme audio PCI

STEPS i do
-unmount all hardware and clean for false contact issues.

-change one hard drive (drive with no OS) from primary to logical.

thanks for your patience !!!
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  1. If you have a "not original" W7, after 2h the system reboots. If your problem is not that, you must have undercontrol your temperatures (everest (all) and Core temp (cpu only) are good options for doing that. Maybe then you will see where the problem is.
  2. W7 is original. i have installed the PC Probe tool of asus and the temperature so far is good.

    the reboot of the system is completelly random... now pass days before the incident happen again.

    what else it could be.. :(

    Thank for your time and patience!!
  3. Hello, Is this the right forum to post my problem??

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