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Hello all! :D

This is my first post here. I used to follow this forum for some advices but now i decided to join and make my own question to you guys.

I just bought a i7 930 and my friend gave me a Asus P6T SE (i know it's not the best one) and i'm missing the RAM to use the computer.

My question is what RAM to buy.,Componentes,Memorias,Corsair?ID=39&ver=2&pag=1&ordem=1&catalogo=1&marca=Corsair&gamax=&gamay=&ordem=5,Componentes,Memorias,GSkill?ID=39&ver=2&pag=1&ordem=1&catalogo=1&marca=GSkill&gamax=&gamay=&ordem=5

I'm using this website that compares prices between stores. I've ordered by price (most expensive to least expensive.) and those brands, G.Skill, Corsair are the ones that i'm interested.
My budget is no more than 200 €.

Can you help me with some alternatives?

Thank you
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  1. Hello and welcome to the forums
    Do you want to Overclock your CPU ?
  2. Thank you.

    Yes, i will overclock the CPU. Nothing extreme or such.

    Will just overclock to reasonable and safe speeds.
  3. But, shouldn't i be buying triple channel for i7 930?
  4. I have found these. But in the "Qualified Motherboards List" list says nothing about mine ( Asus P6T SE)

    This means that it wont work, right?
  5. That's a very nice RAM! Since other P6T versions are in the list, i think yours would work too. Download your updated mobo manual. It has a list of supported memory sticks.
  6. bad luck. the store doesnt have them. they're out of stock. :S

    what do you think of this Corsair 3x2048mb ddr3 1600mhz xms3 cas7
  7. A dual channel RAM will work fine,but if you are considering the Corsair 3x2GB CL7,then its a great choice too
  8. Great. I also feel that these Corsair 3x2048mb ddr3 1600mhz xms3 cas7 will do.

    My only doubt is if performance will drop alot after OC.
  9. Why do you think your performance will drop after OC ?
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