Can u help me with my hard drive problem plz?

hey i plugged in my 1TB verbatim hard drive from currys into my computer and everything i had is no longer there. my computer used to read my hard drive as a bright red logo saying VERBATIM but now reads it as volume 1? i dont understand why any of this has happened and its quite worrying as i did also use this harddrive as a backup for my computer.
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  1. Hello laurenxmurphy,
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    1. Use some Data Recovery program like Recuva to backup all your Data.
    2. Try to connect this HDD to some other computer and see if your Data shows up.
    3. If your HDD is visible in Disk Management (Right Click on Computer >> Manage >> Disk Management), assign it a drive letter (like D: or E: etc) if no letter is already assigned to it.
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