Samsung Q45 with Intel 965PM won't boot


I have a Samsung Q45 with an Intel 965PM + ICH8M chipset and the thing just won't boot.
The screen stays black and I hear three beeps: Long, short, short.
I asked Samsung about this but they were unable to provide me with any useful information regarding that problem. Intel said I have to contact my computer manufacturer but it seems they aren't sure what that means - or they just don't want to answer.
Unfortunately the notebook came without any manual where I could've looked up that code and searching the Intel website didn't bring up any results either.
So I wanted to ask whether anyone here had access to that kind of information and whether they could provide me with it.

So long.
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  1. Well, three sources said so far that it's probably the video card.
    Just for the record.
  2. Hi Yuastnav

    I have the same problem with my Samsung Notebook.
    The beeb code "long short short" indicated an error in the graphics/video system.
    The link below lists common beep codes...

    Look here:

    Since the video chip is on the mainboard, repair costs won't be affordable, I guess.


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