Cooler For i7 Overclocking

Someone recommended the Prolimatech Megahalems, going by these reviews and benchmark tests it seems that he was on the money:

Is there anything out there that offers better price/performance?

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  1. The Megahalems is a great cooler.

    A lot of people like the Hyper 212+.

    This is the one I put on my i7. I only have a mild overclock due to my memory, though:
  2. Also, it seems that i am going to need to buy some fans for this cooler, there are alot of cheap 120mm fans on ebay, but alot are listed as case fans.

    Is there any difference?
  3. get the noctua nh d 14 it should come to the same price as a prolimatech with the fan cost involved
  4. You have a new one. The Prolimatech is still the king for them:

    There is also a fan comparison. The quality of the fans is a very important thing.

    Here you have another option: Noctua NH-D14
  5. Go with the megahalems and slap some nice fans on there.
  6. I got a Cooler Master V8 paired with AS5 and my i7 920 D0 on stock speed idles at 24-25C and on full load doesn't even get above 45-50C i think, maybe even less it depends on room temp. It is expensive now but i got for half the price it is now at thanksgiving plus I am big car fan so it looking like a V8 engine kinda made me want it since its all cooling looking.

    For a good price/performance ratio, megalems and hyper 212+ plus some more high end CM coolers are very good.
  7. Thanks for all the advice guys, i think I'm gonna jut go with the megahalem.

    So the next step is fan selection.

    Here are my option

    Yate loon 84 cfm 40 dba

    2 x Yate loon blue led 46 cfm 23 dba

    The 2 led ones would be more expensive.

    I am wondering how dba adds together.

    Do the two fans combine to create 46 dba?

    Or do two distinct sounds travel creating more noise but not louder noise?
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