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Hi, i've recently upgraded my processor from a P4 to a Dual Core, after the update my PC had a problem with booting up,it went on but the screen stayed blank, i tried for rebooted it for several hours until i eventually gave up, then the next morning when i woke up i switched it on and WHALA!, it went on....but the C-mos checksum was incorrect and i had to set up the BIOS but after that the computer worked regconized the CPU and after windows loaded i had to reboot for the OS to save the rebooted and everything seemed fine...until i switched it off. when i switched on the screen did not go on AGAIN, after several hours of rebooting, it finally went on with the C-mos checksum error. I dont know what to do to stop this vicious cycle, can anyone pls help....

my specs are:
MSI 954m3 Motherboard (Ami BIOS V5.0)
Intel Dual Core @ 2GHz
2GB Ram
NVIDIA GeForce 8400 GS
25GB Sata Hard Drive
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  1. Hi newcomer and welcome to the Tom's hardware forum.

    What specific CPU model do u installed in the mobo?
  2. Hey man, Intel Duo Core @2GHzh 2180 (im not so sure), oh and power supply is 300 Watts...
  3. I can't find the mobo that u already have in the MSI web page, please use Everest or CPU-Z to give the specific model (MS-xxxx)
  4. MSI 945GCM5-F.......pls help
  5. Here is the CPU support list for ur mobo: see here

    Now i need know the exact model of the CPU that u installed in the mobo. U also can use everest or CPU-Z to know the exact model.
  6. I think he means a E2180. If it is that then his CPU is on the lit. Although lets wait for the OP to confirm.

    About the Checksum error, change your CMOS battery and see if it helps.
  7. I think that u are right, and that E2180 is supported by the mobo but with the 7267vF3 BIOS version.
  8. Shouldn't the processor be supported regardless of the BIOS?

    Or is it that MSI makes specific BIOS for specific processors?
  9. Not really, for example my old AM2+ mobo support the 955, 965 and Thuban series but with BIOS update.
  10. Oh i see... but BIOS upgrades wont make the older CPU's obsolete... would it?
  11. No, just increase the CPU support list for the mobo but the older CPU's can run without problems.
  12. Ok. Lets wait for the OP now! My doubts are cleared Thanks saint19!

    Where is the best answer button???? :pt1cable:
  13. This thread was created as a discussion and not as a question so doesn't exist "Best answer" button.
  14. Hey... you spoiled my joke! :D

    Just wanted to say thanks!

    Even if it did i wouldn't have been able to choose it! Its not my thread! :)
  15. My bad, I can see it all the time :lol:
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