Which version is better?

What's the difference in these three model's coolers? Er, a better way to put it, which one is the best out of those three? The only differences I can tell are the coolers and the prices...
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    The Vapor-x one will keep the card cooler if you intend to OC, if not either of the basic coolers will keep it plenty cool. The enclosed cooler performs slightly worse than the open one but exhausts heat out the back of the case which is good if you dont have great case airflow.
  2. the Vapor-X is very good as its fan keeps the GPU cooler than the others......
  3. Just make sure you check the stream processors on the cards :D
  4. Check them for what?
  5. alright, well i don't plan on OCing, at least not right away, but since the vapor-x is only 5 bucks more than the other one i guess i'll just go with that one. thanks everyone!
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