AMD Athlon X2 7750 Vs. X2 240 CPU

Hello, i like to build a new pc with ASUS M2N68-AM PLUS Motherboard, 2 GB Kingston DDR2 (800 MHz) RAM, 500 GB SATA WD HDD, ASUS DVDRW. Now please tell me which processor is more performance friendly among AMD Athlon X2 7750 (AM2+ Processor with 3 MB Cache) & X2 240 (AM3 Processor with 2 MB Cache)?
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  1. Go for the 240, it performs a little better in gaming and some other tasks.
  2. Here there aren´t the cpus you are asking about, but you can compare very similar cpus.

    After all, I would go for the X2 240 too.
  3. The X2 240 is faster and overclocks much better allowing you to get even more performance out of it. The 7750 does not overclock too well.
  4. the x2 would be faster and run cooler, x2 240 all the way :d
  5. Another vote for the 240.
  6. i know this thread is old, but for people like me who research info ... the 240 is VERY similar to me 220 with 1mb L2 vs 512mb L2 like mine and both 2.8Ghz. even though these are now dated cpus for those looking at older budget builds the 240 is a good cpu for daily use, mediumish gaming and such. and those with these cpus already i would advise keeping them if you are thinking of stepping to a 260 or 270 as the performance gain isn't that much for the money. again sorry for raising the dead but i felt i should add that for people whom research stuff like this.
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