Need help selecting gaming case for $50 to $100 range

I'm doing my first build (gaming PC for just over $1,000) and I need recomendations for cheap cases.
I'm not overclocking, but the case needs to keep cool as my room really heats up during the summer. I'm hoping to avoid doing after market work like installing extra fans or heat sinks on my own.
I would also like it not to be ugly. Black is good, and the fewer lights the better. I am willing to go over $100 if you can convince me I need to. Please help. Oh, and I am going with an Intel i5-750 CPU with a Radeon 5850 and a corsair 750 watt PSU if that helps.
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  1. The Cooler Master 690 II Advance. It´s an excellent case.

    Here you have a video review:
  2. Lian Li / Lancool Dragon Lord series:

    They come in a variety of configurations and prices under $100.00. has the lowest prices in the USA:

    BTW - If you are doing your own build you will have to install a cpu heatsink whether it is a stock heatsink that comes with the cpu or a high performance heatsink.
  3. You're building a new custom machine but you don't want to add fans?

    I add fans to everything I build. I like the Antec 300 cases- they look good, are easy to build, have plenty of room inside, have plenty of ventilation. Some people don't like mounting the PS at the bottom of the case though.

    I've built 5 in the past year for myself and my office. The case comes with 2 fans already in it, one in the back and one in the top. I add 2 fans in the front. These machines aren't real quiet but I overclock them so I'm more concerned about them staying cool than staying quiet.

    There are lots of good cases available, even at low prices. The Antec 300 can be found for around $50 if you look hard, and they even have a version for a few more dollars that already comes with 4 fans.
  4. JohnnyLucky said:

    BTW - If you are doing your own build you will have to install a cpu heatsink whether it is a stock heatsink that comes with the cpu or a high performance heatsink.

    ... I was afraid of this. I'll be sticking with the heat sink that comes (I assume) with the processor. Does the processor also come with thermal compound, or will I have to buy?
  5. Yes, the retail version comes with the cpu, heatsink, fan, and thermal compound.

    How hot does it get in the Summer? Are you a gamer? Do you plan to overclock the system?
  6. It get's hot! I live in the desert and the A/C in my house doesn't circulate very well. I do not plan to overclock.
  7. I live in sunny southern Arizona where the temps can reach 115F or more in the Summer. The A/C in my apartment is okay but not great so I get higher cpu temps for half the year. On the plus side I don't have to shovel snow! :lol:
  8. Love this guy, I dont have it, but its the case im getting when i build my computer...

    Its 80 Bucks then FREE shipping on Newegg...

    The Antec 900 and 1200 are some good cases too.

    This is the case I'm looking for my new build.
  10. That fan looks pretty cool! :)
  11. I'm really happy with my Antec 300, but I recommend not getting the illusion edition so that you can pick the 3 intake fans yourself.
  12. I too can vouch for the Antec 300. It's a very good case for the money with lots of nice features. Although as someone else mentioned it is a bit on the loud side.
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    For under $100 he could pick up a HAF 922 which has far more room than a Antec 300. I perfer it to the 300
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