300m w/o dx 11?

I just took a look at the nvidia site and noticed the specs for the mobile 300 series cards were out, but stated that they were dx 10 based. what was the point of the release without the update to dx 11?
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  1. Because that's not a new chip. It's a renamed old one.

    The genuinely new 300 series aren't out yet.
  2. rockinthepe said:
    what was the point of the release without the update to dx 11?

    Because people who don't know better will buy it thinking it's better because it's a GTS_3xxM instead of just a GTS_2xxM which was really just a tweaked GF9800M which was just another GF8800M, etc. Often they'll even buy a crippled 'new' model, thinking it's better than the better older model. :pfff:

    Hopefully you now know better. :wahoo:
  3. yeah, i was just stupified for a second there.
  4. Interestingly Charlie wrote about this very thing just a few days ago, and suprisingly (since I had neither read it nor knew of it's existance) alot of similar statements about the tweak/refresh history, but with alot more detail;


    Just found that when checking Charlie's site for another thread.
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