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System restore just pulls up blank plus start menu problems and more

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August 5, 2012 2:35:41 AM

okay so i don't know what the heck happened but all of a sudden my computer is crapping out. my hard drive was getting full and slowing down my performance. i just went through and deleted files and uninstalled some programs. nothing was important or essential. just a few programs and install files that didn't need to be on my hard drive anymore because i didn't use them anymore or i didn't like them.

then xp popped up saying i had a couple updates to do. they were legitimate. i installed them restarted and then went to do disk cleanup and it wouldn't run no matter how many times i clicked on it. i restarted again and then my start menu is all screwed up

the my computer icon is named now folder. and i can click on it and it brings up my computer. i cannot click on any shortcut to run a program. i have to explore the program files and run the original exe file to get anything to load. i don't have the run, search, or help items in the start menu anymore. if i mouse over the all programs it doesn't bring anything up. i tried the start menu options and everything that should be displayed is checked but not showing up

i tried switching to classic start menu and i get the search and run icons and they will run. if i mouse over the programs it says i have no program files installed.

i have tried to use system restore and all it does is bring up a blank white menu window and i can't use it. task manager says its running but no options show up.

i have tried safe mode and same thing. same thing with safe mode with command prompt trying to pull it up that way.

i have never encountered a problem like this before so anything would be helpful. i have tried searching for a similar problem but nothing comes close enough to help me solve this. i also don't know where my xp cd is to try and repair or just reinstall xp


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August 6, 2012 3:21:54 PM

Did U tried safe mode same account? or the admin?
How much space do U have now?

The start menu , shortcuts, my computer....... make me think of the user profile.
Try and make a new user (admin) and if that is ok, then transfer all your Desktop folder, My documents folder to the new user.
What cleaner have U tried to use? try CCleaner or TuneUp utilities.

Try a Diagnostic startup from msconfig , just check it, apply and restart.
See if same thing happens.

if you can't find your xp cd, then borrow one!
there is a 99,99999999% chance that is the only solution. Because even if U want to do some scans, or try to fix things or do a repair reinstall, U need the cd!