ATCS 840 vs. Spedo vs. Antec 1200

I know this is probably cliche but I really think these three have a lot to offer and if you have built a computer I bet you know
how it feels when there is a couple of cases that just catch your eye and you love em.
First I liked the Spedo, it has good cable management, plenty of fans which is big for me, and was painted black.
Things that were lame, was the thermal chambers(there suppose to cool it down but everyone on the internet says it heats it up) so its not important,
from what I read it only has 10 1/2" for GPU and I am getting a 5870 so that wouldn't work unless I took out a whole chamber, and it looks cool and has tons of
features but to me its more of a gimmick.
Second the Antec 1200 was super cool literaly, I really loved it cause every stock fan had a controller, plus tons of fans(that are blue also big), so theres abour 70$ worth of
fans plus how much it would cost to get controllers so good price, also painted black, and from has many features that I would use.
But I read that a a 5870 fits but you have to take out a chamber to do so, which makes me lose a fan, second it only came with one of the fans that
attach to the back of the cages( I cant find any to buy), it also dosen't seem to have a whole lot of features that I would use besides the fans.
Third is the 840 which at this point is the best bet, I watch the video review and it has 16 inchs of room for graphic cards, so I am able to put in my 5870(s) with
no problem even when I addd the 2 internal fans, Sliding mother board with plenty of holes for good Cable Man., it has 2 spots for psu which is good cause everyone has there prefences, and it just has a good overall quality.
The bad side of it is both sides, there is no fans on either so I would have to mod my self, there is barely any fans, the one on the front has a cover so
there is barley any air getting in this sucker, if I were to choose the top psu I would have to remove the 2 big fans so theres no way I would use the top, and finally
it has superior configuration but it is lacking in cooling and capabilities.

Anyways, thats what I have been looking at, I am not 100% on the first 2 as far as being able to handle 5870's, and also I might not have checked everything out
with all of them thats why I am still researching. But I do like all three and if you have any opinions, pointers, thoughts or recommendations please post it.
Mainly if you know of a case that has tons of fans or superior cooling(preferably 2 back 120mm, side fans and lots of upgrading), also with plenty of
room for a couple of 5870s to fit, and lastly I prefer blue led and black finish, but that isn't important as to the cooling and GPU space.
Thanks and I hope there is a case out there for me, and I hope this helps anyone else looking at these cases.
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  1. I actually wouldn't need to remove the cage on the antec, I just wouldn't be able to use the one that is in front of the gpu. What I would like to do if I did that is install like 3 extra fans in the cage so there would be 4 fans blowing directly on the cards!!
    Only if there was a mix between the 1200 and the 840, then I would have a case that has 3 fans on the front and 2 on the backw/ controllers, I would have plenty of room for 5870's plus I would have internal fans pointing right at the cpu,gpu and psu. and also I forgot which is a super big thing is CABLE MANAGMENT!!
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    I checked several references. I can confirm that an AT Radeon HD 5870 video card will fit in the Antec Twelve Hundred case. It will be a little tight but it will fit.

    You mentioned removing a chamber in the Antec 1200 to accomodate the 5870. I think you are referring to the hard drive device that can accomodate three hard drives that has a mounting bracket on the rear for another fan. If I recall correctly it is just a matter of moving the device so that the fan does not interfere with the video card. Just move the device to the bottom three drive bays where the fan will be out of the way of the video card. The drive bay device will be down at the same level as the power supply and below the motherboard. It is not that hard to swap two of those devices.
  3. Well you do have a lot of cooling products lol.
    I do thank for the pic, what exaclty is going on inside
    this beast as far as cooling goes??
    One big thing about the 840, is I am concerned about air movement,
    I can always buy controllers, but I would like to get a setup that dosen't need
    modding to be cool, so if I do mod, then its for extra, I dont want to have to.
    But she is a bute, I love that black!
  4. I had to glance back at the picture, cause I swore it was painted black, but you just have so much stuff that its pretty much black lol.
    I am really leaning towards the 840 right now, the 1200 is sweet and all but lacks
    spacious needs for enhancement but already has all the fans I need and controllers which can be added to the 840. Cause the 840 might not have side fans but it also has three fans in the front 2 just hang out be on the other side of the HD cage, it has 2 big fans stock on the top, if I were to get it I would probably rig up a 2 120mm fans to go where the WC inlets/2nd psu slot is, that way I would have more air being pushed out the back.
  5. I had another glance at the cm690 and I found a really cool video review and I think I might consider the 690. It has everything I need, the only big difference between the 840 and it, is the sliding mobo which isnt a big deal, its only really useful when seting up a liquid cooler. It has tons of fans, its pretty much just fans with metal hooking them together to make a case. I found one thing super interesting, and I never saw it before but its the mounting thing that looks like l__l__l__l and it installs next to the pci slots and those divits hold up your heavy cards like the 5870 which they has 2 installed, and the coolest thing about the divit thing was that had another mount for a fan!!! It really is a whole package for 100 bucks, I havent heard anything bad about so I will keep looking!
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