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Hi Ive been using an external hard drive now for 2 yrs......recently it started to go missing on the my computer menu.....erraticaly cutting in with autoplay whenever it fancied......Now its missing all together and I cant find it anywhere.....Ive changed cables, changed usb port several times....any advice would be appreciated.......I will take it to a friends in 7 days or so, to check its still viable..........but any thoughts in the meantime gratefully accepted....Happy new year!!!!
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  1. Hello dogswotsits,
    Welcome to Forums!

    1. Try to connect this HDD to another computer and see if it is detected
    2. Try to reseat the cable or even try another cable connecting your HDD to computer
    3. Does this HDD appear in BIOS
    4. Does this HDD appear in Disk Management (Right Click on Computer >> Manage >> Disk Management) - if it appears here, it should have a drive letter assigned (like D: or E: etc). If there's no letter assigned, you need to assign one.

    Hope something works out for you - Good luck and A Happy New Year!!!
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