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Ok say you have a Xegamatek Dark Knight : Or a Kingwin XT 1264 Link : and the fan goes out could you replace it with a 120mm case fan, say like this:

just curious ^^
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  1. I see no reason why you can't. It's a 120mm with the regular 3 pin power connector.
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    Yes. This is the fan they use for the Xigmatek cooler.

    Not really, but you get what I mean.
  3. Thats what I was thinking to, was just wondering if any one has done it. I just had to RMA my Xega DK, because the fan failed, so I was wondering what happens if the fan fails again, past the RMA date, could I just replace it? And it looked like I could, was just wondering if any had ^^
  4. Oh snaps! Thanks for tthe link Look, and thank you both for the fast replies.
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  6. Should be alright. There are some things to consider. If the HS uses a special mounting system for the fan you could get into trouble. Of those you linked you should be ok, but I can see some crazy company putting out a HS that would need special fans.

    Based on Cmichael's post I feel compelled to point out that modern Intel CPUs need a 4 pin connector. (this is different then the 4 pin "molex" connector.) You're still ok on this as that fan has a 3/4 pin connector. No pics of it however. This means if it has the older 4pin "molex" connector and not the 4 pin connector that CPU HSF use you could get an error when you boot. Or worse, it won't boot at all. You'll have to find some way to convince the board that there is a fan there.

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  7. To 4745454b:
    Figured that about the molex connector, thats why I put up the link, that fan has a small 3/4 pin connector. Should have put that in the original post =)
  8. Some fans can be speed-controlled by the mobo, some can't (this might be covered already by the type of connector). I've also read about PWM speed controls but I don't know what the implications of that are because I read that some coolers have it and some don't.

    Of course you could put any 120mm fan on there and power it from a power source lead vs. the mobo connector.

    Sorry to hear of your problems- I've bought 5 Xig coolers this past year and 10 other of their 120mm fans with no problems from any of them.
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