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Hi, I'm wondering if anyone knows any guides on overclocking Geforce GTX560TI, I tried using the nVidia control panel but I do not see an option for performance
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  1. Just use MSI Afterburner:

    To be able to adjust the voltage, you'll need to go into Settings and check the "Unlock Voltage Control" and "Unlock Voltage Monitoring" boxes.

    The general rule is to raise the clock as high as you can on stock volts first, and then slowly raise the clock and then voltage for stability after that, watching the temps, as well, as you go.

    Just take it slow and easy, and don't push it any further than you need to.

    Edit: Also, don't worry about messing with the memory speed. Not really much performance to be gained from that. Almost all of the performance gain comes from OC'ing the core/shaders.
  2. I don't see an option for shaders, as I raised the clock higher to 1000 from 830 if noticed I can't view a full screen game compared to 830 I hear sounds but no visual
  3. and I set memory to 2020 from 2009, from the MSI Afterburner I only see Core Voltage, Power Limit, Core Clock, Memory Clock and Fan. Core Voltage and Power Limit which I can not adjust
  4. I've also noticed Driver Verison for mine says 301.42
  5. That's a lot to go over, lol.

    OK, first of all, core clock and shader clock are linked anyway, so no need to worry about that.

    Second, if you raised the core to 1Ghz without raising the voltage, what you say doesn't surprise me. There's NO way you'll get to 1Ghz on stock volts (maybe not even on may volts. My 560 non-ti can't). 1Ghz isn't easy to get to AT ALL. Some cards can do it and a lot of others can't.

    Third, I use an older version of Afterburner myself, so I don't even have a Power Limit option, but you can't adjust that on 5xx series cards anyway, so again, no need to worry about that. That's a 6xx series specific thing.

    Fourth, I told you how to be able to adjust the voltage, unless they changed it in the newest version. Settings -> and check the "Unlock Voltage Control" and "Unlock Voltage Monitoring" boxes. That's the way it is in Version 2.2.0 anyway.

    Fifth, again, don't even worry about changing the memory speed, especially by such a small amount. There is NOTHING to be gained by doing that. NOTHING. Trust me. Just forget about it.

    Unlock the voltage control, and start small this time, like I told you to to begin with. You should have known better than to shoot up ALL the way to 1Ghz without adjusting the voltage. That was NEVER gonna happen.
  6. Thanks! right now I've pushed it to 1Ghz, I tried going a little more and it kind of lags when I'm in a game
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