ATI 4850 (1GB) VS NVDIA 250 GTS (512MB)?

Plz help me 2 choose one !!
I have also heard that ati 4850 does have overheating problem.
I usually keep my pc on for more than 10hrs so will ati take it ??
And are there any such problems with 250gts ??
I got an intel mobo DG41RQ, Intel Q8400 @ 2.66 Ghz, so will ati be friendly with intel ?
I will get ati 4850 1gb and 250gts 512 mb in same price.
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  1. 4850s don't really have heating problems. Earlier models had the fan speed on low, so they tended to run hotter idle.

    Intel or AMD cpus have nothing to do with Nvidia or ATI graphics cards.

    The two cards perform the same. The GTS250 will run slightly cooler, but I'd go with the 4850 1GB due to the extra video memory. It will not use the vast majority of the VRAM since it's not powerful enough in those situations, but in certain games such as GTA4 the extra RAM will come in handy.

    Get the 4850 1GB
  2. +1^
    You can use either ATI or Nvidia card with both Intel and AMD CPUs.
    HD 4850 and GTS 250 both perform pretty much like each other,also 1GB vs 512MB won't make a noticeable difference in most games unless at high resolutions which still won't make a lot of difference,but since they are the same price go for HD 4850 1GB
  3. They perform the same.

    Get the cheaper one.
    Make sure PSU is good enough for that.
  4. I'd take the 4850 for the extra RAM. Sure it runs a little hotter with the reference cooling compared to a GTS250 with reference cooling, but one card shouldn't be a problem with decent case ventilation.
  5. reason ?
  6. Get whichever is cheaper.
  7. Whatever. Those are fine gaming cards for resolutions below 1920x1080
  8. If you need everything maxed in every game then sure. If you just want to play games smoothly on settings that look good like a reasonable person then they are fine for 1680x1050.
  9. GOD DAM !!!!
    Tomorrow i gotta buy 1 !!
    Plz advice 1 says 250gts 1 says 4850 !!
    Plz Plz tell me the best 1 ....
  10. Get the 4850, it has the extra VRAM, however that is if they are the same price.
    Get the cheaper one.
  11. Are you taking the 4850 score from the first link & comparing it to the GTS 250's score in the second link?
    If so then:
    1. That is 3DMark 06 vs 3DMark Vantage
    2. There could be different RAM/CPU setups
    3. The Tom article uses an OC'd GTS 250

    If you are looking at the Tom article:
    1. The 4850 beats the GTS 250 in Performance & Extreme
    2. The GTS 250 is overclocked

    Nice triple-post.
  12. SO FINAL ATI 4850 ??
  13. Get whichever is cheaper.
  14. Quote:
    OK if you realy gotta choose go for the GTS 250 mate. Trust me. IT IS better ;)


    Dont care about what I said about the GTS 250, its just that ive heard so many ppl say its better BUT ITS NOT!!!

    Are you bi-polar? :pt1cable: lol
  15. Left lobe is nVidia, right lobe is ATI, lol.
  16. Both perform pretty much like each other,although 1gb vs 512 doesn't make much of a difference but since they have the same price then 4850 is a better choice
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