Zyxel P-660HW-T1 v2 Port fowarding :(


Im trying to forward these ports http://img37.imagefra.me/img/img37/1/12 ... 2fa9bd.png
so that i can get the new modernwarfare to work a bit better(wouldnt have this problem if it was for IWnet :( ). I can't take the easy option and just make my NAT 'open' since the router doesn't have the option.

Now what I'm confused about is there are 2 menus in the router interface. One is in 'NAT>Portforwarding' (so I think to myself 'this is it') but i try to add the ports in the above image and i don't see options to specify what protocol i wish to use and on occasion it tells me i cant forward the option i wish to. The second menu is in Firewall>Rules and it seems to have alot more options for protocol etc. But i haven't touched this menu because im not sure of what it does.


The user manual doesn't really make things any clearer to me :(.
Id be grateful if someone wiser could point me in the right direction.

Oh and i have nat turn on 'SUA only'. Thats the way it was set when i received the router from my service provider, if i put it on 'Full NAT' my browser cant get to the www.

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  2. You need to set up the port forwarding and then you can select those ports in the firewall section. After much playing around with this router I got the PS3, Xbox360 and wii to work. Its a fantastic router once set up and configured, its increased my synch speed and through put from 2.0mb to 3.5mb, compared to my previous Netgear routers, which I tried DG834G, DG834GT and DG834PN.

    SO TO SET UP - PS3, XBOX360
    Set up static routes, in the Network, LAN, Client List, select ADD. Enter the MAC code of the PS3/Xbox360 and the reserved IP address. Note this down, you'll need it again.

    You need to switch on UPnP in the settings. So go to Advanced, UPnP. Ensure all three boxes are ticked.

    Then go to Network, NAT. Activate NAT. Select SUA. Enable SIP also.
    Now click Port Forwarding, click add and list all the following put in the server IP of the router.
    For the PS3 and Xbox360 you need port 80
    Xbox360 only - 80, 88, 53, 3074, 3330
    PS3 only - 80, 443, 5223, 3478 to 3479, 3658 to 3659, 10070 to 10080
    You must click apply!

    Now go to Security, Firewall. Ensure under General than LAN to WAN is set to permit.
    In the Rules tab, for Packet Direction select WAN to LAN. Click Add.
    Create a rule separately for the PS3/Xbox, as they will have seperate internal IPs. Lets do the PS3 first.
    Enable the rule, leave source as any. In destination put the relevant IP address of the PS3 which was noted down previously.
    In services select all the relevant ports you created for the PS3 in the NAT section. Make sure applied every day and select apply.

    Now rinse and repeat if necessary for the Xbox360, of the step above.


    Hey presto the PS3 and Xbox360 will work like a dream, the PS3 will be NAT Type II and the Xbox360 NAT should be Open.

    Now that its all working, if you fancy a game then add "itshme"

    Note that as of Jan 2010 the firmware on the Zyxel website is the original launched firmware even though it states 2009. So when you download and upload to the router when you login to the router its still the original version.

    Email the Zyxel Customer Support and ask them for the firmware for the P-660-HW T1 V2, version 3.40(AXL.1), Dated 18th March 2009.
  3. Thanks a million! I will try this when I'm home next and tell you how I get on.
  4. PhilW1989 said:
    Thanks a million! I will try this when I'm home next and tell you how I get on.

    Let me know how you go. What ever you do, dont follow the so called video guides on youtube. I spent ages trying to get it to work and viewed a few videos were the person switched off the fireware, not realising what they were doing :non:
  5. Where do i enable SIP? i dont see it in Nat> general.
    "click add and list all the following put in the server IP of the router." Sorry not sure what you mean here, i think you mean put the router ip in the "server IP" field?
  6. Also for adding those IPs when i go to Nat>Port fowarding the add button is directly connected to two inputs "service name" and "server ip address" and if i want to put in ports i chose "user defined" and it gives me a start and end port option, not an option to list singular ports :(
  7. wow.... i just wet in game to check the status that mw2 was telling me. Now it says open! All ive done is forward 80 to 88 and enabled Upun. Im confused. ill see if it works.
  8. Nevermind. got it all working! ill add you.
  9. how did you get it working? i had same problems??:S
  10. Nevermind i changed the end port to 88 aswell and its at Nat type 2 now :)
  11. Thanks for the info- however im struggling- i've done all the way up to"in services select all ports you created in nat" i scroll down the list and thier is none of the ports i created! In nat i did click user defined typed in ports i needed for xbox etc
  12. I found this page was the best resource http://portforward.com/english/routers/port_forwarding/ZyXEL/P-660HW-T1v2/P-660HW-T1v2index.htm for the P-660HW-T1v2 and practically any program you would like to open ports for has a guide.
  13. ITSHME, i need some help. i didnt folow anything you done above however i did folow a youtube guide, let me link you here.


    Ok, so this video guide did help me to get NAT 2 on my ps3 however as explained in the video at the end the guy says that if something else does connect to your rotuer then you will go back to NAT 3(strict) which is true.

    Now what i want to kno is does this happen to you aswell, if not then how the hell do you permanantly get it to stay on NAT 2 without it going back to NAT 3 when another device conects to the router, please reply thanks.
  14. Hi i have the same problem but the only thing is, is that my Xbox360 is connected direct to the router and it set to strict i cant get it off no matter what i do and it really starting to tick me off i would really be grateful if you could give me some advise please

    gamer tag SolvableJunk
  15. Quote:
    Thanks for the info- however im struggling- i've done all the way up to"in services select all ports you created in nat" i scroll down the list and thier is none of the ports i created! In nat i did click user defined typed in ports i needed for xbox etc

    first think for the pepole with have problem after folow this guide- i conected my Xbox but i had to set up my IP in xbox as dynamic, then go to network-lan- Client list and tick box "reserve" next to the mac adress your console.
    if somone have problem like our friend above- go to- Firewall-rules-select WAN to LAN-below box with all ports clic on " Edit Customized Services" -click each number and create rule for each port. after this yours new ports should shows in box with rest oryginal ports
  16. Hello,

    I have trouble understanding some of the steps described above. Can somebody explain it to me for PC, please? Your explanations are awesome, I just miss the extra little knowledge sometimes.
    Basically, what I need to do is open a certain number of ports to access online features of Need for Speed the run (unfortunately not on the list provided...), the autolog. I have tried everything that is recommended on the web, nothing. .
    I added ports to my Zyxel P660HW- T1 V2 and they are saved, but it still isn't working.
    I see people talking about setting a static IP. Do I have to do this? If yes, is this static IP software reliable (http://www.majorgeeks.com/downloadget.php?id=5997&file=15&evp=7e8c436c83b037d3de65ee31ca52bd6a)?
    Any help is appreciated. Meanwhile, I keep trying, believe me.

    Many thanks to you,
  17. .. Oops, I forgot to add:

    The computer I try to hook to Autolog is a lapotop, connected via wifi to the router. Doe this add one stp to the process that I am forgetting?
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