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I am trying to figure out how to network 2 computers and a printer so that we can share files and the printer using a Homegroup. It ain't workin. I can generate passwords on each computer, but it never asks to join a homegroup. Both computers are connected wirelessly with Verizon. When I map the network one of the computers has a solid line the other a dashed line. Anybody know what's up?
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  1. Only Windows 7 computers can use/share Home Groups. Is this the case?
  2. They are both running Windows 7. The thing is I can setup a Homegroup and it will let me choose the sharing options and generate a password. But when I go to the other computer to join the homegroup, it doesn't have the Join a Homegroup button. It wants me to setup a Homegroup. Both computers are set to a Home network, and even when I change the passwords to match nothing happens.
  3. i have the same problem and i have tried EVERYTHING the internet has about it, still no luck
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    Ok, I have a desktop running Win 7 Pro and a laptop running Win 7 Pro. They are both hooked up through my network and can see each other on the network.

    I go to the desktop and laptop and open both to the screen that shows the Homegroup settings. I click leave homegroup on both. Then on the desktop I click Create Homegroup. It works just fine. As soon as I click create and the password pops up the Laptop shows that I just created a Homegroup and asks if I want to join.

    I tell it yes and enter in the password. Both computers then say that they are sharing info and asks not to shut them down or restart until they are done. Once the little Caution signs with the ! in them disappear I go to Start Computer Homegroup and it says there are no other computers on the homegroup =(

    Any idea what is going on?

    [#0005ff]While the Homegroup facility in W7 is a good one, you don't have to use it and it's actually better if you don't. In the Network and Sharing Centre ,scroll down the page from the Homegroup entry in the left hand pane and there should be an entry for Networking. So long as both machines are in the same Workgroup, they should already show up when you click on that and you then need to share some folders - perhaps even the entire C:\ drive - in order to make it all work. [/#000ff]
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    Ok, as a side note: If I move stuff from the folders that I have shared to the Public folders I can see them and copy them over. I CAN see the folders I have shared I just cannot access them. Why would it show them to me and not let me get in them?


    Thanks for your help and input everyone!

    OK - back to basics time. W7 is far more fussy than it needs to be in insisting on password protected User Accounts so do you have those on both systems? Also, when W7 was set up the first time, it gave you a password for networking related matters. Did you store both? If not, don't worry - I'm sure it's in there somewhere.

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