hey guys

i have upgraded my old ram dynet dnhm5u512b6fe-a5 ddr2 533(4) 512mx8 with dynet dnhmau1gcfer1-a6 1gb pc2-5300u-555 mother board is recognizing the RAM but windows 7 shows fatal error unable to start.system is working with old ram.

mother board-d102ggc2
processor-intel pentium d
OS:windows 7 ultimate X64

any suggestions help me guys...!!!
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  1. 1) Make sure the RAM is fully seat into the DIMM slots

    2) Reset the CMOS to see if that helps.

    3) Verify that your motherboard can truly handle 1GB per DIMM slot.

    4) Boot up with MemTest86+ and run overnight to see if you get any errors pointing to faulty RAM.
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