How much can I overclock to?

I have an i7 3770k coming in the mail for an upgrade on my cpu. I have ordered a Corsair H100 to accompany it for the best cooling possible. What speed can I overclock the cpu to comfortably while still seeing a decent performance gain?
Thanks to all who answer.
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  1. well, i have i7 3770 k and h80 well i don't know about h100 about it should be better than h80 the main prolem is the heat it self the ivy bridge grab more heat i tried to reach 4.5 but heat was really high for me reached 100 c and i can't figure out how to fix my heat issue so just watch ou for temps , speed isn't the problem u could go 4.8 but then u would face heat problems because in order to go fast u have to manually vcore and set vcore is gonna grab more heat and heat on ivy bridge = big problem

    edite : btw :make sure that h100 gonna fit in ur case and don't go above 1.350 voltage
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    This article will help you to understand what is going on with the 3770K cpu. It appears that since the Ivy Bridge cpu is a low power cpu that when voltage is applied in overclocking there is a heat issue.
    I would read the article and see what your options are. Don't forget every cpu die is just a bit different from each oher and your chances of getting a good overclocker are the same as getting a bad overclocker.
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