4770 in crossfire with a 4870

the title says it all folks i am ver intrigued by this but i dont have money to fork out to test it yet so if you would kindly help a fellow techi out id appreciate it.

this thougth came to me during a argument wiht a friend he told me i could not crossfire a 4870 and a4850 so i gave him proof. i won :kaola: then he asked me since i could do that if i could crossfire a 4770 and a 4870, because there so similar i told him i dont know. so if anyone has any links or knowledge or anythign pertaining to this i would like it thank you very very very much sorry if my spelling sucks its late and im tired so off to bed i go bye :sleep:

one more quick question that has been bothering me how do you play a game across dual monitors
thanks again
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  1. I believe they must be based on the same processor to be crossfirable so I don't think so. There's no other card based on the RV740 so it can probably only crossfire with itself.
  2. I don't think so. Even though it may be technically possible, you can CF a 4830 and a 4890 after all, I do not believe that the drivers support such an arrangement.
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