Question: DVD Burner/Reader on Win98?

Hi All,

I have a quick Questions: I'm running Windows 98 SE (Pentium III 750MHZ, 256MB of Memory, 20 Gig Hard drive) since 2001 and I wanted to add a DVD player to my old system. I'm not really look to burn DVDs, I just want to be able to play DVDs on my Computer. So I was looking at the Lite-On iHAP422 and the specifications state that it is geared towards Windows 2000 and up, however, will it still work on Windows 98 or is the software that comes with the DVD drive which is geared towards Windows 2000 and up? I guess my question is - If I buy the Lite-On drive will it play DVDs or work on my system? I'm not really worried about the lack of software since I have a version of NERO that works on my PC (from my old TDK CD-Burner).

Thanks for the assistance!

Shawn H.
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  1. This link might be of some use:
  2. The Link was helpful. I can't even recall if my copy of Win98 included DVD player software but I'll definitely check later on today.

    But my main concern is buying the Lite-on drive and having my computer neither recognize what it is or play the DVDs (because it doesn't know what the drive is) since the specs say that it is geared to Windows 2000 and up but I was wondering if that was just in regards to the software and not the hardware itself.
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