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I want to upgrade to directx 11.
I have now 1xati 4890 card.(directx 10.1)

If I install a 5870 card (directx11)

Can i use crossfire with the old card?
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  1. No,the cards have to be the same (or from same family for ATI cards)
    So you can CrossFire a HD 4890 with 4850,4870,4890,4870X2 but you can't CrossFire it with a HD 5870
  2. If u already have 4890, i would say u better stay with that card for a while, since there's only some games that support dx11, your card is already the "beast"... :)
    U can buy HD 5XXX series later.

    BTW, just like Maz said, you cannot CF 4890 with 5870.
  3. You can't CF 4890 and 5870.

    Too early to jump to DX11. The compelling reason to get a DX11 card is if you are to purchase a new one or to do a major upgrade.

    If money is of no concern yes...5870 is the way to go.

    If you want a cheaper performance boost get another 4890. A CF 4890 is better than an OC 5870...

    Read this benchmark,2481.html
  4. OK thanks.

    will wait for a while then use my old 4890 in my new HTPC that I'll be building later this year.

    PS: Just how much better is running 2x16 PCIE vs 1@x16 and 1@x8 in CF setup. I currently can only use the later.
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