Nervous about Arctic Alumina

Hey all, I just installed my CM Hyper 212+ to my Phenom II X3 using Arctic Alumina. I wasn't expecting it to be so pasty! :) This is my first time doing it. I put the AA on the HS and rubbed it in clockwise and then counter, then took a coffee filter and wiped it off similarly. It seemed to work fine, I'm just nervous about the coffee filter fibers, though I didn't see any. Anyway, I seated the HS onto the CPU and put a dab of the AA in the middle, and it's all together. My PSU comes tomorrow and I'm hooking it up then.

What should I check for to determine if I got a "good" thermal grease application?

Thank you!
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  1. temps....
  2. christop said:

    Sorry, I'm a noob when it comes to building from scratch... what program can I check temps, what temps should I be looking for, and at what time, etc?
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    When you have finish your build and everything work together, used an application like coretemp to check the temp on your CPU. You will find lot of article on precision on what is the best temps for the cpu you have.
    good luck with your build
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