XClio 1000 Case. What do you guys think?


I really like the look and fans in it. Do you guys have it? How is it if you do have it?
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  1. Sometimes case selection is a matter of personal preference.

    All those led colors hurt my eyes. Too much bling.

    Never cared for doors on the front bezel.
  2. I agree with Johnny. A case is a personal choice and in my opinion, that is a very ugly case for too much money. For that price, I rather get an antec 1200.
  3. Its bigger inside than the Antec 1200 though
  4. I would still pass on it. Don't get me wrong, to everyone their own.

    If size is what you are after, then by all means, get it.
  5. Well its a bit bigger than my HAF922 currently. I just thought it looked cool. I wasn't planning on buying it because well I have a great case right now. I just like the switchable LED's. I think it looks cool
  6. if you like the look its nice but i have a NZXT Nemesis Elite and is a pain to get into the cd drive because of the door if it was not a case given to me i would not have chosen it there are cheaper full towers out there that have tons of "bling" look around and see what you like. it is going to be your case not ours so when all is said and done it is your choice not ours
    hope this helped
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