How do I stabilize my core voltage?

Hey guys, just got done with my new rig and messing around with OC'ing. If I leave my voltage in auto it automatically scales and brings my core voltage into the 1.4v area which Im not comfortable with on an Ivy Bridge. So I went in and set it manually and I can get a decent 4.5 out of my CPU and I have the voltage set at 1.32v but the bad side (I think) is that it will always be at 1.32v even at idle. Is there a way where I can leave it in auto but with a cap so it doesn't jump into the higher voltages as it tries to scale?

Asus Sabertooth Z77
Evga GTX 690
16GB G.Skill Sniper Series
Corsair HX850
Corsair H100 Closed Loop cooling
3Dmark - 13878

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    Offset voltage! ;)
  2. amuffin said:
    Offset voltage! ;)

    Yes, use the + offset. I KNOW it seems counter intuitive to ADD voltage, but just trust me. I won't lead you wrong. It's not ADDING to the Auto voltage that you already see. It WILL be lower (even +0.005 will probably be too low). Just try it.

    Edit: Actually you MAY be able to use a - offset... Got this thread confused with another offset thread that I helped with, lol. It still applies though.
  3. I set my offset voltage to + .15 and Im currently at 4.7 and stable @ 1.352v at 100% stress...didn't like 4.8 = BSOD
  4. Try lowering it to +.10, I run my 2600K with +0.5!
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