Nvidia 790i ultra chipset with ATI 5850

hello everyone

my current VGA card is broke (well thats what i think), its 9800GT
and i thinking to replace it with new card from ATI, as we know ATI right now have better line up than Nvidia

but before i grab it, i need information regarding compability
last time from what i read it wont be a problem to use ATI card with NVIDIA chipset motherboard, but i havent read compability between new ATI cards, should it be a problem ?

Do you think i should grab another Nvidia card ?

I dont planning to go with SLI or CrossFire
one good card is fine with me

and last please give me suggestion which maker i should take, i heard lots good review from XFX cards,
how about other maker , such ASUS,gigabyte,saphire,HIS,leadtek,orMSI ?

i greatly appreciate for your help!
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  1. thank you for reply everyone!

    i already using some asus VGA in past few years, and got no problem
    but reading on net... some people said, better grab XFX or gigabyte rather than ASUS for VGA ... i dunno maybe that only based on personal experience...

    anyway thanks again for the information and input
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