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I have one question for some reason when I turn on my pc, I would get to the desktop, about 5 min later I get a either a “MEMORY MANAGEMENT BSOD ““IRQ LESS THEN OR EQUAL BSOD” I’ve done the MEMTEST86 and passed no errors

What really confuses me is when I would get the BSOD I would turn off the pc take the ram out and switch them around, problem fix and im on my pc all day without problems im at the point to where all I need to do is take one ram stick out and put it back in and problem solved

I get the BSOD only when pc is off for a long time like when I go to sleep or work

I’ve tried to only leave one stick at a time and there are no problems, all sticks work turn on with pc

I thought it might be the ram sockets the ones that hold the ram but they look alright their color coded
(Blue5, Black4, Blue3, Black2, Blue1, Black0) the blue ones are the only ones that can’t read the one ram I’m guessing cuz it needs a ram stick in the black next to it, read that somewhere.

Anyways I’m having a big Déjà Vu taking about this

Any clues on what’s going on oh and its happens when my BIOS are set to default or over clocked

I bought this pc 2 months ago came in all one package the company put it together so it is compatible been having the problem since I turned it on

But I think I solved it by leaving only 5 sticks in and leaving out the 0 black one I haven’t seen a BSOD since.

i7 960 (3.2) was over clocked at 4.0GHz
motherboard MSI X58 PRO-E
3 ATI 5870 in crossfire all liquid cooled
64 bit Quad-Core Processor
12GB DDR3 1600
24X DL DVD+/-RW Drive
Sound card - Integrated
Realtek chipset, Gigabit LAN
Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
Swiftech H20-220 Apex Ultima XT Liquid Cooling Kit
Liquid Cooling
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  1. I would check the DRAM voltage. When occupying all of your DIMMs, it is often necessary to increase the DRAM voltage by ~.1. Chances are that if you've been having the problem since you got it, it wasn't quality checked; rather just tested for power and display.
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