In search of a high airflow/full tower case

hey guys i need some help finding a case thats full tower, has high airflow, has a nice side panel window and looks stylish and
can really benefit the 5000's ati HD series and wont break the bank

if you need to see rest of my rig then here is the link ( you can give advice if you think something in the list is not need)
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  1. thats just a list of full towers
  2. The antec 1200 and the HAF 932 are probably your best bets.
  3. I have the HAF 932. It is a huge beast. Ventilation, airflow, and cooling are excellent.

    For something more stylish take a look at the Antec Twelve Hundred:

    If you want to go first class check out the Lian Li and Silverstone aluminum cases.
  4. can you provide more information about the lian li and silverstone you are referring to?

    just for my personal information. thanks :)
  5. Just go on Newegg and seperate cases by brand. Honestly though for the markup, they're just not worth it. The Antec 1200 and the HAF 932 are bigger and have better airflow. Either that or the Cosmos S. You're just overpaying for the Lian Li and Silverstone cases
  6. I have a HAF 932 and it is aweome. And very good value for money. My temps are great (heh - considering the amount of volts im shoving through my CPU - 1.57## before voltage droop). The HAF 932 has great cable management, toolless design and loads of room inside. It has 3x200mm fans and 1x120mm fans incuded in the package, and the front fan has a red LED. I also bought a Scythe Master ACE 5 1/4" fan controller, which is also great :)
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