How to install a second ssd and enable raid

Hi everyone!

I am looking at installing a second SSD to my system in RAID for more operating space.
Here are my specs:

Asus p6t se mobo
intel I7 930 processor
kingston SSDNOW v series 64gb (boot drive)
hitachi 1tb hdd (storage and backup)
800w PS
2x ATI Radeon HD 5770 1gb vid cards
6gb kingston RAM

I bought a second kingston 64g SSD identical to the one Im using as a boot drive currently and I want to install it in a raid configuration next to my other one so I have 124 gb as a boot drive, and my second hitachi 1tb drive will remain as a backup/storage drive.

I'm fairly proficient with upgrading like this and would prefer to do it myself, but I'm no expert and I just want to make sure I've got the right process going.

I'm assuming the process will go;

1. turn off/unplug/open case
2. locate unused SATA cable and power supply, plug in
3. mount drive, reassemble case and plug in.
4. turn on, enable RAID in bios
5. designate each drive's position
6. install windows
7. profit?

I'm curious if I'm missing anything or if there is any special tricks I should know to make a smooth installation. Any help on this would be much appreciated, thanks!
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  1. SSD Trim function and firmware do not fully support RAID, so I would not use RAID. You would not need the extra speed boost anyway for most of your tasks.
  2. I do not need the speed boost, I need more space. 64gb is not enough space for all my programs and games anymore, so I need this second one for my main working platform.

    I got the drive installed and buttoned up, I am currently stuck at trying to load windows. I have been into setup and enabled RAID, and the setup screen recognizes the new drive, but I'm unsure what to do next. I'm assuming I should be doing a fresh install of windows but I'm having a problem booting from my windows disc.
  3. So why RAID it ? Install the 2nd one and let it be Drive D:\ or whatever.
  4. I want to increase my working platform from 64 to 128. I have a 1tb for storage and that works fine.

    With my OS and games/programs, my main drive is at 51.7 of 59.5 and I would like to increase that capacity.

    If you can help me with what I'm trying to do, I sure could use the help.
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