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hi there, im having trouble with my gfs needed a reboot so she brought it to me.why i dnt nw.once opening i found that much dust it was unreal. Anyhow after takeing apart and giving a good clean i built it again and im nw getting no picture the computer starts and all fans work can even hear the hd working.what could it be. the specs are the mobo is a kn1 sli lite extreme with 2 sticks of 512 ddr has a radeon x1300 512mb card and seagate hd.
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  1. Could be that the excessive dust buildup caused the graphics card to overheat and die. Do you have another PCI-E card that you could try, or try her card in another computer?

    When you stated that it needed a reboot, what was the problem?
  2. tried my vga that works fine in my pc and still nothing.

    it kept getting to the windows login screen then restarting.

    ive been told by my gf nw that she hoovered it out b4 passing it to me.could this have done anyhting
  3. i can't read this cestrian87 don't make your words so short man most of a lot of people here weren't born in us or uk and this makes english a bit harder for them.
    i'm not saing i can't speak english but i don't understand most of your words
  4. Using a vacuum is a bad idea. There are many small connections that can break, not to mention static electricity.
  5. sorry for my bad English mohsentux i use text language to often and its something i must get out of.

    ctorin that's what i had a go at my girlfriend for.Ive always been told that even a small static charge can take out a this most likely the problem.
  6. Try to format ur pc and instal a new operating system ..
    Maybe it help
  7. This sounds like a problem with the OS. you might just try a repair on the one that is already installed, you don't have to start fresh for the first try.
  8. replys to most people now.the os isnt the main problem i cn sort that out its the fact im getting no image.even at basic bench testing level with just the main not even getting a bios screen just no image at all.
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