Motherboard doesn't beep but everything is working

hi, i replaced an asus p7h55 board yesterday with a gigabyte p55-usb3, the problem is that today when i restarted the system several times it didn't beep, i don't remember if it beeped when i first started it today but yesterday it did beep, also i hear this sound that i don't know how to describe but it lats for about 0,1 seconds if i remember correctly i heard that sound on my old pc when i changed bios settings and restarted (not sure though)

but the pc works fine i have no problems with it, should i be concerned because the mobo doesn't beep?
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  1. you have probably just forgot to connect the speaker back to the board or got it wrong way round(dont think it makes a difference though)
  2. The initial short beep just means that your video system's BIOS power on self test was successful. The video signal is usually sent to your display after this initial beep. If you're seeing an image on your display then you are fine.
  3. I had this problem and I just forgot to install the audio. I felt very foolish.
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