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hi everyone,

my current system is an i7-860, 5870 etc.
i am trying to decide on a monitor but have no idea what to get?
i already have an asus vk222h as a secondary screen.

i was originally tossing between asus ms246h and samsung p2370hd. i like the fact p2370hd has a built-in hd tv tuner w/remote. i will also be plugging my ps3 into the monitor to play.

however, i am not sure if the end-result will come out the way i wish for. pretty much, i'm looking for a +24"monitor that will play my pc and ps3 games correctly.

any help is appreciated thanks.
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  1. I'm not big on multi monitors, but if you're getting a 2nd one, wouldn't you want the same size? Also, you don't need a tv tuner for PS3. Just a HDMI input. Most new LCDs have a HDMI or 2.
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