E6850 running very slow

I built an extra computer for LAN parties out of some extras some friends had and I am having some trouble with it.

E6850 3.0ghz
2GB Ram
ASUS Maximus Formula Motherboard
Silverstone(sp?) 560W PS
XFX 9600GT

Running 3dmark06 at default resolution is giving me 7977 marks.
With a CPU Score of 1507.

Super PI is also taking 2:34 seconds to computer 4M which is a minute longer then the benchmarks at http://xtreview.com/addcomment-id-1896-view-Core-2-Duo-e6850-benchmark-and-review.html

Why is it running like crap!?!
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  1. What are your temps like? What's running in the background?
  2. Nothing in background this is a fresh install of Windows 7. Temp is 66C. It has Stock Heatsink pasted AS5
  3. Under around 60% Load....

    Core 0- 95C
    Core 1- 91C


    CPU 66C
    Core 1- 90C
    Core 2- 87C

    How the hell can this be running that hot? I have the stock heatsink on with AS5 and its on there tight. Also fan blowing onto PC and the room is not hot my other computer (i5 huge OC) is running cool. Anyway the sensors could be messed up? Every once in awhile in CoreTemp it shows -32C for some reason.

    Idle I am hovering around 60C.
  4. Check that the heatsinkis properly attached. Take the side off your box and have a look. The stock fan which intel supple with that processor has a system of four push-pins rather than actual screws.
    I bought a PC pre-built with an E6750 in it, and when it arrived it was suffering from similar throttling, and at one point it failed to POST with a "CPU temperature error" message in the BIOS.
    I opened the side of the case and discovered that the heatsink was only properly attached via one of the four pins. I had to remove 1 broken pin from the opposite corner, and one good pin from the same side, and put the good pin where the broken one had been so that the heatsink was braced diagonally.

    I also complained to the company who sent me a foxcon heatsink free of charge, and I had to take the whole motherboard out to put the new one on (it used a backplate system) but that really fixed the problem.

    You temps should be <50 degrees idle, more like 20-30, and not more than 65 degrees under full load for a long period of time.

    Something is wrong. Check your heatsink!
  5. +1 to the reply above, check your heatsink and make sure it's seated properly.

    Also, you say you have a fan blowing onto your pc but do you have good airflow through your case?

    Have a look at this guide for more information:


    No matter how good a heatsink etc. you are using it can't dissipate the heat anywhere if the air around it isn't cool too. Your heatsink and hence CPU can never be cooler than the air surrounding it.
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