Is Vertex3 120GB MAX I/OPS worth $$ over normal VERTEX3 120GB ?

I can't seem to find much difference.

Someone explain to me ?
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  1. The IOPS is only something that you may use a lot if you are doing word processing ar some other buisness oriented operations. For gaming you are not going to be needing a "Max IOPS SSD". You would just get a good fast read/write performance SSD.
  2. Also look here....,3088-6.html

    Talking a drop in performance from Tier 3 to tier 6 10% per tier according to THG, that's 33%

    before ya get dreams of hyperspace speeds tho, keep in mind that the dual boot machine upstairs boots in 15.6 seconds of the Vertex 3 Max IOPS .... 21.2 seconds off the Barracuda XT 2 TB HD.
  3. You will not notice any difference unless you are running a highly complicated professional, financial, or scientific application.

    Over on the business enterprise side IOPS are measured to determined storage requirements for a server -what type and how many data storage drives are required to keep a network running efficiently. Unfortunately OCZ marketing does not mention that. Instead OCZ advertising totally abused the benchmark and mislead gamers and enthusiasts into thinking more is better.
  4. thanks!

    so you think the normal Vertex3 is good enough ?

    I do a little of everything with my PC
  5. Yes!
  6. worth an upgrade from my Vertex2 ? (I plan to put it in old system)
  7. That is for you to decide price/performance for the extra speed
  8. rolli59 said:
    That is for you to decide price/performance for the extra speed

    no doubt the verte3 MAX IOPS is faster...
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