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I am having a problem with video files. Before I was able to see the details of a video file on my left screen - date, size, etc. Now it won't show. When I highlight a video(most are AVI files) and click properties, nothing will come up. I've also been getting buffer overflow messages from my McAfee program. It seems these problems only started when I installed a K-lite Codec pack(full) and insta codecs update pack. I'm assuming these problems are from that but I don't know how to check or change anything. Do I need to uninstall these codec packs? Thanks for any help.

I also wanted to mention I don't have the missing properties problem with other files, they work just fine. It's only video files.
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  1. Go to any folder >tools>Folder options , make sure the Show common tasks in folder is checked.
    If it is checked, try to uncheck it, apply, go back and check it again and apply again.

    I'm not sure it's related to codec pack , but you never know...

    If U have K lite U have the codec tweak tool in the C:\Program files\K lite\Tools U can try and detect any 'broken codecs' or disable/enable them. Try avi splitter, fddshow (those are usually known to cause trouble) but I must warn U that this could make some videos not work until U enable them again with Codec Tweak Tool.
    But U can see by trial and error.

    If U really think it's the codec pack then uninstall it and reinstall your previous version.Or try the K lite standard pack.

    And even if U can't have the properties , almost all players have an info, properties of the file you're playing ,like Media Player from File menu>Properties.

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