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Ok so for the past week my internet has sucked. Doing normal internet surfing and downloading from sites like megaupload and video watching has been going at about 30-40kbps. I have no dam clue why. Im running AT&T dsl with a SpeedStream 5100 dsl modem, also running windows 7 ultimate edition. The speed stays the same weather i use my linksys WRT160N router or not(just plugged directly into the modem). I have both firefox and IE allowed through the firewall even though its disabled to begin with.

Now here is the weird part. When using bittorrent and other P2P clients, i get full speed.

This is just confusing the hell out of me. Anyone have an idea? I think its on AT&T end(something with windows 7 and their modem) b/c i have gotten my normal speed every so often for short bursts. So if i cant figure this out by saturday i dont think it will matter since im getting a new provider.

Thanks :hello:
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  1. new internet is in and its working just as it should. Problem solved.
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