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Bad Motherboard good Harddrive. How do I get my data from the good disk. I have

Bad Motherboard good Hard drive. How do I get my data from the good disk. I have a brand new replacement computer running Win7 the same as the old drive. I need to remove some important files from the old HD. Can I make it an external to remove data; if so how to do this. I wonder about the issue of the old HD having an OS and configured for a PC.
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    yes you can make it an external--you just need a usb external enclosure--for ide or sata hard drives depending on which your drive is--available on ebay etc

    it wont matter about the os you will be able to browse it

    you could also connect it to your new pc as a second hard drive if you are confident enough to open the pc

    if you do it that way you just need to make the drive already in the pc boot before the second drive--either in the bios or by pressing one of the f keys as the pc boots to get a boot order menu
  2. Thanks mcnumpty23, I truly appreciate the quick response.
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