Air Cooler with g1 sniper 3 z77

Hey Guys!

Hoping you can help me out.

Looking to buy the Thermalright SB.E for my Gigabyte G1 Sniper 3 Mobo. (NOT THE Silver ARROW)
I have 16gb 4x4gb of Corsair Vengeance Ram (not Law profile has fins) 1600mhz
i7-3770k CPU

and wondering if that air cooler will fit? WIll it be touching ram sticks?

Are there any better alternatives?
The main purpose is cause Ib runs 20'c hotter, so wanna keep the temps down, however, will not be o/c massively. it will be really light, like, 4.2ghtz MAX.

Can anyone help me out with this?

**NOTE: Pics are my ram and build

Kind regards
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  1. The thermalright True Spirit 140 also has a max width of 55mm, woudl this be okay?
  2. I think it will depend on the positioning of the heatsink as it looks similar to the CoolerMaster Hyper 212 and the fan may interfere with the first ram slot. You may have to put the fan on the side facing the rear of the case so it doesn't cover the first slot. Low profile ram sticks would have been nice to have.
  3. yeh i know i was originally going to go with watercooling, so it didnt phase me, then, i heard h80-100's leak heaps, and was like, well...f-that lol.
    I spent a pretty penny so i dont want water going everywhere. i dread hearing that POP noise.
  4. I use to have the 3770k / g1 sniper3. Great board btw. It's true that iB will get @ 10-20c hotter, but you will only see that past a certain OC threshold, which is @ 4.6-4.9ghz depending on your chip quality and voltage use. If you are only OC to 4.2ghz you will see @ same temps as SB and a lower end cooler will be adequate.

    I use 2 coolers on that board, Hyper 212(which can do 4.2ghz no problem), and a H100 which got me to 4.9ghz. I don't know what you have heard @ the h100 but it is amazing and the best cooling solution next to a custom water loop.

    As far as space the Hyper 212 fit with fan on the right side of heat sink, but it was very close, it came to sit right next to and was touching the ram in 1st dimm slot. H100 of course had plenty of space with its fans located away from CPU.
  5. i wont go the 100 for reasons being that i dont wanna take grills of my 600t corsair graphite up top, makes it look aesthetically pleasing.

    will go the h80.

    what if i lan? will there be an issue with moving it around?

    will try and go push pull though and have it extract through the back
  6. Swolern - did you use loaw profile RAM? could make difference!
  7. The way he wrote his description I don't think he used low profile ram. As far as a lan party situation the H-80 and all of those closed loopps are the same as a heatsink/fan in that they are attached to the inside of the case and you are free to move the case where ever you want.
    I would only push/pull if you plan on a big overclock , up to 4.2/4.3/4.4 ghz you can get away with the one fan. The reason I say that is when you take the radiator and add the two fans then you are coming into the case quite a bit , before installing with the two fans I would measure what the distance is from the back of the case to the front of where the second fan will be. I think an option that you have is if it's too much with both fans inside you can mount one on the outside and that will cut down the bulk inside.
  8. basickefatude said:
    Swolern - did you use loaw profile RAM? could make difference!

    Just regular ram size, no difference in my case.
  9. bout the same size as mine then? give take?
  10. ^I believe so, they were the Ripjaws X 1600 CL9. But height was not an issue. What came close was the side of cpu heatsink fan to the side ram in slot 1.
  11. in that case, would this fit?

    Thermalright Venomous SB-E Universal CPU Cooler

    or the thermalright MUX 120?
  12. Ya they both would fit.

    You got a great rig there. I do stress you will mostly lilely want/need a higher CPU OC in the future and it is much more ecomomic & better for the life of the chip to go with a higher end cooler. But if your happy with how it is it still looks good. Remember you mobo supports up to 3& 4-way sli. Enjoy!
  13. hahaha thats why im buyin the cooler.
    i know i want it to look insane, but the heatsink wont be too bad!

    id rather prolong the life of my gadgets!
    Its an amazing board, i want looking to overclock at all at this stage, however, what worries me is when i play games off steam or BF3 temps go up around the 75 mark.

    And winter has basically jsut passed, so its not gonna fair any better in summer.

    Aslong as i can get the temps down a fair bit ill be happy. But i wont go past 4.4ghtz not looking to do insane overclocking! - but, will do that when the time comes to keep up with all the other techs that come out over the years. But right now, theres absolutely no need.

    2 way is more then enough xD
  14. There is no need as long as you dont go with a multiple screen setup. But if you want to talk about need, there is no need to go with such an expensive motherboard with only 2 GPUs.

    One tip dont tighten the new cooler too tight on that board. I did and my G1 Sniper and my rig wouldnt post afterwards. Luckly i was still in return period. Ive installed tons of coolers, dont know if it was just my board that had a sensitive or weak area.
  15. i already got everything weeks before i posted this haha. cpu works fine just wanna put temps down and it was necessary to buy this board by gaming has improved 10 fold (performance especially) there is nothing about this board i dont like and im going to have it for a minimum of 3 years. i would by no stretch or margin call this overpriced board for the things it has, and will do in the coming years. This was the cheapest gpu which would run the PLX PEX chip which is what i wanted at x16x16.

    I dont consider this a waste of money.
    however, like i mentioned, i want to upgrade the cooler :3

    i do appreciate all your assistance however! :D
  16. Dont get me wrong the Sniper3 is an amazing board. The PLX chip and extra bandwidth, pci-e 3.0 x16/x16 wont give you any extra performance with 560 SLI compared to pci-e 2.0 x8/x8. But it will future proof you a lot longer if you want to upgrade your GPUslater on.

    The sound chip on that board is the best on-board sound i ever heard, even sounds better than the quad-core sound chip on my new $600 motherboard the Extreme 11. So that will save you from spending extra on a sound card.

    Your welcome for the help. You got a great setup there. Enjoy!
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