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I'm about to put my updated system together and I wanted to look over my motherboard's manual. It first stated that the all Sata ports (3/gbs and 6gbs) will automatically have ACHI enabled as the default setting.

I found another extra pamphlet outside of the manual; this concerning Intel's Smart Response technology and it says I should set the port my SSD is on to RAID. Anyone hear of this? Is Intel's Smart Response Technology something I should definitely enable on my gaming system?

In new to SSD's any good advice or are they very simple? I have a Samsung 830 128GB (SATA III to only have the OS and drivers) and a Asus p8z68 gen3 pro mobo.

(other 2 HDD's are Velociraptor WD SATA II and 1TB SATA II WD Cavair Black)
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  1. Your SSD should be connected to one of the Intel SATA 6 Gb/s ports (SATA6G_1 or SATA6G_2) in AHCI mode for maximum performance.

    Since you stated that the ports default setting is AHCI then you don’t have to worry about changing any settings in the BIOS.
    Just connect your drive to the port and you're good to go.

    The purpose of Intel SRT (Smart Response Technology) is to give a performance boost to a HDD with an O/S on it by using a SSD as a cache drive.

    If you’re going to use your SSD as your O/S drive then you can disregard Intel SRT.
  2. Intel Smart Response Technology is an Intel® Rapid Storage Technology (RST) caching feature that mproves computer system performance. It allows a user to configure computer systems with an SSD used as cache memory between the hard disk drive and system memory. This provides the advantage of having a hard disk drive (or a RAID volume) for maximum storage capacity while delivering an SSD-like overall system performance experience. Intel® Smart Response Technology caching is implemented as a single drive letter solution; no additional drive letter is required for the SSD device used as cache.

    basically it's for users that can't buy large SSD's!

    SO you dont need to use that future because you have samsung 830 which is FAST and 128GB of memory! ;)
  3. also srt can only use upto 64gb for cache on the ssd and ive heard about people using larger ssd's for srt and losing the extra portion of drive space so i would recommend using yours for a system drive
  4. I have 2 Sata 6 ports; one using Intel, the other using Marvell? I does it matter which one I plug the SSD in?
  5. yes it does! :)

    actually marvell controller is not a true sata 6gb/s because it uses PCI x1 which can transfer up to 5gb/s!

    use intel SATA 6gb/s ports! ;)
  6. armand_h said:
    yes it does! :)

    actually marvell controller is not a true sata 6gb/s because it uses PCI x1 which can transfer up to 5gb/s!

    use intel SATA 6gb/s ports! ;)

    Great, that reinforces what I saw earlier. Some have mentioned the Marvell was causing some issues with the Samsung SSD. Now I see why the Intel SSD is so popular ssd on a intel controller! My SSD is the only Sata 6gb/s the velociraptor and Caviar Black are 3gb/s, so they can go on the sata 3gb/s ports.
  7. Intel SSD's are popular because they are INTEL (quality, durability,stability,relaibility)! thats what customers want! :)))

    yeap! just connect your SSD to intel sata III in you'll be fine! ;)
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